Good day,
As a cannabis focused innovation and product development company, we very much appreciate your coverage of the cannabis industry and wanted to personally send you our announcement of Pearl2o.

We acknowledge that this is a new product release but wanted to take extra time to note that as friends and family of people with cancer and other debilitating conditions, we are sincerely excited by the technology behind Pearl2o which allows these people the freedom to create with cannabis n ways not possible before. Pearl2o a water you can use to make things you like to eat without the weed taste is perfect for all cannabis users looking for the perfect dose of THC/CBD.

Ultimately, this frees medical cannabis users looking for accurate doses, cannabis chefs from trial and error on flavors and novice cannabis users with delicate palates wanting an experience without smoke.

One of our customers who is also a medical patients says it best:
“It’s fantastic cannabis liquid that tastes like nothing!”
“It lets you create cannabis infused things that don’t taste like crappy weed.”
“It has THC and CBD You can Drink it, Cook with it, or make ice cubes. it is a great new product.”

The emulsion behind this product is new, the first of its kind with this level of efficacy and flexibility and can be an engine for OEM and industry wide innovation and invention.

Thank you again and we hope you find this of editorial interest. Please contact us directly for any further information:

Today, cannabis edibles and beverages made without Pearl2o are obsolete. Introducing, Pearl2o, the world’s first and only cannabis-infused water with NO sugar, calories, weed taste or smell virtually NO limits on how you can use it.

The Pearl2o proprietary water-based cannabis emulsion, maintains potency when cooked, chilled or frozen, launched today in Washington State. Inspired by medical cannabis patients wanting products free of weed taste and properly and accurately dosed THC/CBD servings Pearl2o is an industry leader. Pearl2o has a 1 to 1 ratio of THC to CBD.

Howard Lee, says:

“The challenge of understanding what the dosage per bite or per sip with an edible is now solved with Pearl2o. This technology platform is used successfully in other products where dosing is important such as Velvet Swing, a sexual enhancement lube with 100mg and Happy Apple an apple drink with 10mg.”

Stacy Primack, the Pearl2o Chef de Cuisine adds:

“I enjoy creating interesting palatable meals for the medical cannabis patient. Pearl2o eliminates the weed taste!”

Pearl2o‘s innovation speaks directly in support of current legislative efforts on behalf of medical cannabis patients. The therapeutic validity of the medical cannabis community was recently given a bi-partisan vote of support by Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) who stood with patients, families and advocates in their announcement of new legislation that will allow the use of medical marijuana in states where it is legal without fear of federal prosecution.

I learned about cannabis edibles from my Mom’s 70ish year old friends as she battled cancer, the chemo and radiation debilitated her sense of taste. Her friend’s took great care to not bring my mom any of that weedy-tasting crap” shared a marketing executive.

Pearl2o delivers innovation to multiple constituencies: